Summary Form

Our mission is to use electronic and print media to help educate people of any age to evaluate and apply information, to energize as many people as possible to commitment and action based on this knowledge, and to empower every person to be a positive contributor in thought and deed to their own lives and to their community.


This mission is accomplished this mission by publishing books that will challenge thinking in a positive way, using authors whose contribution grows out of experience, who are creative, and who are committed to valuing each potential reader so as to help them pursue accuracy, utility, creativity, and character.

We believe that human civilization is best served by a well-informed people, capable of making up their own minds, of discerning accurate and well-supported information, and of challenging those who teach and lead.

We believe that the people of this civilization are best developed through dialog that is both respectful and vigorous.


Each imprint, book series, book category, online course, or other educational opportunity reflects this mission in some way. Please see the descriptions for each for a reflection of how they will educate, energize, and empower.